Principal Investigator: José Alberto Cuminato
Education and Knowledge Diffusion Coordinator: Lucio Tunes dos Santos
Technology Transfer Coordinator: Francisco Louzada Neto

University of São Paulo (USP)
Av. do Trabalhador São-Carlense, 400
Caixa Postal 668
13566-590 - São Carlos, SP - Brasil 
Tel.: (16) 3373-8159

Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE)
Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCAR)
São Paulo State University (UNESP)
State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)

Center leaflet (pdf):

Center for Research in Mathematical Sciences Applied to Industry

Researchers analyze aircraft landing gear noise

A group at a Brazilian university, partnering with engineers from Boeing, are using computer simulations to identify sources of noise produced by aircraft undercarriages

Study seeks to enhance diagnosis of schizophrenia through imaging

Software that classifies data from functional MRI diagnoses the disease with an 80% success rate. Now, it is being used to detect alterations in brain regions associated with schizophrenia

Virtual talent scout helps identify top performers in soccer and other sports

Developed at the Center for Research in Mathematical Sciences Applied to Industry, this cloud-based system is being tested by a soccer club academy

Researchers create statistical models to predict fraudulent financial transactions

The models have been developed at the Center for Research in Mathematical Sciences Applied to Industry and they are being tested by banks, insurers and e-commerce retailers

Mathematics applied to poultry farm optimization

Research performed with funding from FAPESP uses computer models to improve broiler chicken production

Brazilian university unveils supercomputer

Funded by FAPESP, the supercomputer can be used not only by researchers at the center where it is installed but also by other researchers affiliated with other universities and research institutions throughout São Paulo State