CEPID 2001-2013
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About the Center for the Study of Violence (NEV)


Principal Investigator:
Sergio Franca Adorno de Abreu

Education and Knowledge Diffusion Coordinator:
Jaime Ginzburg

Technology Transfer Coordinator:
Nancy das Graças Cardia

University of São Paulo (USP) 
Av. Prof. Almeida Prado, 520
05508-070 - São Paulo, SP - Brasil
55 11 3091 4951

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, South Africa
El Colegio del Mexico, Mexico
Latin American Social Sciences Institute
Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), India
State Data Analysis System Foundation (SEADE)
University of California, USA
University of Cape Town, South Africa
University of Columbia, USA

Center leaflet (pdf):

Center for the Study of Violence

Social inequality makes combating COVID-19 even harder

Study at RIDC NEV shows that São Paulo City has eight distinct urban groups in economic, social and cultural terms, making effective action against the pandemic a challenge.

Violence, public safety and institutional trust

Researchers at the RIDC-NEV are studying how laws and rules are implemented and how this defines the legitimacy of institutions that prevent violence and guarantee democracy, such as the police and the judiciary.

Lasting impact

The Center for the Study of Violence examines the effects of 21 years of dictatorship on contemporary Brazilian society

The war on terror and the weakening distaste for torture

Topic is discussed by experts from several countries in the book Torture in the Age of Human Rights, fruit of a seminar held by the Center for the Study of Violence

Video: interview with Sergio Adorno de Abreu and Nancy das Graças Cardia

Researchers talk about the investigations conducted by the Center for the Study of Violence (in portuguese)

Violence, democracy and human rights

Enforcing law and order and protecting human rights are fundamental themes of the Center for the Study of Violence