CEPID 2001-2013

About the Center for Sleep Studies 

WEBSITE: www.sono.org.br

Principal Investigator: Sérgio Tufik

Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Rua Napoleão de Barros, 925
04024-002 - São Paulo, SP - Brasil
55 11 2149 0155

Association and Fund to Promotion of Psychopharmacology Research (AFIP)


Research projects supported in this Center at FAPESP's Virtual Library

Center leaflet (pdf):

Center for Sleep Studies

Health and sleep disorders

The Sleep Institute conducts research on sleep deprivation and its effects on body and brain functions

Hormonal oscillations

Research indicates that women who experienced irregular menstrual cycles were twice as likely to have trouble sleeping

Sleep and sexuality

Studies with animal models indicate a correlation between sleep deprivation and the release of ovarian hormones

A study that changed the law

Marco Túlio de Mello, professor of the Department of Psychobiology at UNIFESP and researcher at the Sleep Institute, explains how the studies conducted at the RIDC helped reduce the number of accidents on Brazilian highways

Video: interview with Sérgio Tufik

The director of the Center for Sleep Studies talks about the investigations conducted by the RIDC (in portuguese)