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Center for Research on Biodiversity Dynamics and Climate Change

CEPID 2023-2028
Website: https://www.cbioclima.org/ 
Principal investigator and director: Patrícia Morellato
Deputy director: Mauricio Bacci Jr.
Innovation Coordinator: Leonardo Fraceto
Dissemination Coordinator: Mauro Galetti
Scientific Coordinator: Célio Haddad
Internationalization Coordinator: Vitor Miranda
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator: Clarisse Palma da Silva


Institute of Biosciences - UNESP São Paulo State University - Rio Claro, SP
Av. 24A, 1515
13506-900, Bela Vista


Institute of Biology – UNICAMP


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The unprecedented loss of biodiversity and the imminent threats of climate and environmental change are among the most important challenges facing humanity. Biodiversity continues to decline around the world, mainly in response to urban sprawl and agriculture in natural areas. In addition, climate change is projected to lead to the extinction of more than a third of Earth’s animal and plant species by 2050. Quietly, the deterioration of species habitats also leads to the cryptic extinction of biotic interactions, some of which are essential to sustain nature, contributing to ecosystem services such as pollination services, essential for human well-being. Therefore, the cascading erosion of biodiversity and the crumbling of the web of life threaten the ecological functions that underpin humanity’s very existence. This reality supports the idea that containing biodiversity loss and preventing global and regional climate change are converging goals.

Home to some of the most renowned and consolidated research groups in biodiversity conservation and anthropogenic changes, the São Paulo State University – UNESP is well positioned to play a leading role in establishing adaptation and mitigation strategies that address threats to tropical biodiversity in times of rapid environmental change. The Center for Research on Dynamics of Biodiversity and Climate Change – CBioClima is a unique and innovative Center that brings together experts in science, diffusion and innovation to produce world-class research and solutions at the frontier of knowledge focused on the current loss of biodiversity, its synergism with climate change and its consequences for human well-being. Framed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 15 – Life on Earth and 13 – Climate Action, the mission of the RIDC is the creation of a research observatory on biodiversity and climate change, promoting innovation with a focus on nature-based solutions and accelerating the diffusion of knowledge, aligned with SDGs 4 – Quality Education and 5 – Gender Equality. The RIDC will leave the state of São Paulo and Brazil well positioned to collaborate and exchange experiences with the most successful biodiversity and climate change centers around the world. Such missions and objectives are not yet included in any of the RIDCs or ERCs funded by FAPESP.