Research at the cutting edge of knowledge

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) supports Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers (RIDCs) selected for funding for a period of up to eleven years. Each RIDC is expected to establish hub of excellent research in focus area, and must actively seek out and develop opportunities to have its research results contribute to high-impact applications, as well as contributing to education and dissemination of knowledge.

Success of stem cell therapy for diabetes depends on pre-transplant immune condition

In a study published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, researchers at the Center for Cell-Based Therapy show that the therapeutic effect is relatively short-lived in patients with more autoreactive lymphocytes before treatment

Virtual reality, videogames and robots as tools in physical rehabilitation

Projects presented during the 4th BRAINN Congress in Brazil combine physical rehab treatments with technology. Fun and electronic games can make sessions more stimulating and effective for patients with motor limitations

White on the father’s side, black on the mother’s side

Researchers have retrieved the genetic history of people who live in quilombo remnants in São Paulo State. Analysis of Y chromosomes showed that approximately 65% were European in origin. On the mother’s side, ancestry was mainly African

New tool could facilitate search for disease-causing genetic variants

Methodology is being developed by multinational Seven Bridges in collaboration with BIPMed

Study reveals mechanism that leads to immunosuppression after sepsis

In an article published in Nature Communications, researchers describe a cascade of events that unbalances the immune system, increasing the risk of recurring infections and death

Scientists train neurons in research on memory

In vitro study by Brazilian researcher affiliated with George Mason University was presented to 4th BRAINN Congress at the University of Campinas in São Paulo State

Researchers produce artificial compounds with anti-tumor activity

Complexes that associate essential metals with organic ligands could be used in cancer drugs