Research at the cutting edge of knowledge

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) supports Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers (RIDCs) selected for funding for a period of up to eleven years. Each RIDC is expected to establish hub of excellent research in focus area, and must actively seek out and develop opportunities to have its research results contribute to high-impact applications, as well as contributing to education and dissemination of knowledge.

Violence, public safety and institutional trust

Researchers at the RIDC-NEV are studying how laws and rules are implemented and how this defines the legitimacy of institutions that prevent violence and guarantee democracy, such as the police and the judiciary.

Ointment to counter the effects of brown recluse spider bites is tested on humans

Brazil reports more than 7,000 cases a year of poisoning as a result of the bite of the brown recluse spider; there are also reports of occurrences in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

International partnership enables advances in research into debilitating diseases

Studies conducted at BRAINN and part of international consortia are able to identify better treatments for diseases such as epilepsy, cerebral vascular accident and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Scientists synthesize molecule capable of eliminating hepatitis C virus

The compound called GA-Hecate also acts on bacteria, fungi and cancer cells and will be tested against Zika and yellow fever viruses.

Research could find new mutations associated with narcolepsy

Presentation to workshop held by Brazilian Initiative on Precision Medicine (BIPMed) reinforces importance of sharing scientific data to identify genetic causes of diseases.

Pathway to resolve allergic asthma is discovered

Researchers identify the function of a protein that controls allergic diseases. Study could lead to development of medications for autoimmune disorders and other diseases, such as certain types of cancer