CEPID 2001-2013 

Principal Investigator: Fernando Soares

Education and Knowledge Diffusion Coordinator: Dirce Maria Carraro

Technology Transfer Coordinator: Luiz Fernando Lima Reis

AC Camargo Cancer Center
Rua Professor Antonio Prudente, 211
01509-010 - São Paulo, SP - Brasil
55 11 2189 5000


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Center leaflet (pdf):

Center Antonio Prudente for Research and Treatment of Cancer

An important tumor database

The A.C. Camargo Cancer Center biorepository maintains tumor samples from more than 30,000 people. Each sample is correlated to patient data and individual disease history

Developing a translational center

Associated with a hospital that is a leader in its specialty, the Research Center transfers knowledge directly from the laboratory bench to the outpatient clinic

New drugs increase the accuracy of treatment

In order for the drugs to be effective, researchers need to know if the patient has the specific variant that these substances are able to identify

Video: interview with Fernando Soares

The director of the Center for Research and Treatment of Cancer talks about the studies conducted by the RIDC (in portuguese)

Samples of tumors are collected from patients who are undergoing surgery
Immunohistochemical tests or genomic analysis allow to make the diagnosis
Each sample is associated with patient data and disease history
By the samples of tumors, it is possible to study the response to treatment
Cell lines, generated from the samples of tumors, can be utilized in animal models
Knowledge acquired in research are incorporated into patient care