Researchers analyze the growth of anti-vaccine movements during the pandemic

Pro-Vaccine Union, an initiative of USP in partnership with other organizations including some FAPESP-funded RIDCs, is monitoring anti-vaccine groups on Facebook in an effort to understand the workings of the social media ecosystem that spreads disinformation.

Study proves that novel coronavirus harms brain and details its effects on nerve cells

The investigation involves BRAINN, CRID and OCRC RIDCs and combines MRI scans of mild COVID-19 patients, analysis of brain tissue samples from patients who died from COVID-19, and experiments performed with human nerve cells infected in the laboratory.

FAPESP selects 30 projects in call for research proposals to combat novel coronavirus

Selected projects aim to repurpose existing drugs for treatment of COVID-19, find novel compounds with therapeutic potential and develop alternative diagnostic methods. The call remains open until June 22.

Research could find new mutations associated with narcolepsy

Presentation to workshop held by Brazilian Initiative on Precision Medicine (BIPMed) reinforces importance of sharing scientific data to identify genetic causes of diseases.